How does the backup and restore function works?




  • Ronald van Dyk

    Thank you for your help. Thats solved my problem. This case can now be closed

  • Katie A

    My new phone does not have an sd card slot. So I have tried the dropbox steps several times and just cannot get it to work. Any tips?

  • Christian Grasser

    Do you get any error with DropBox?
    After "Download DropBox" do you see that COL Reminder is downloading?

    And you don't need an sd card slot. Every phone has an build in sd-card and some phones have an extra sd-card slot for an extra card.
    If you connect it to your PC you should see a new drive for your smartphone. If you have an extra sd-card slot you see two.

    But let's talk via ticket. You will get an extra mail.

  • John

    Just trying to Restore on the same phone. I've had COL for years and always set to Automatic Backup and Enable Dropbox. Also, I always set to backup to my card.

  • Christian Grasser

    Yes, please see this part:

    You will find the restore options in the menu:
    Hit the "menu" key on your phone or tap on the Action Bar Overflow icon (3 dots top right), select "Restore", select "Restore Backup".

    2 ways to get your backup files to a new phone:
    1) Manual copy of the folder "COLReminder" to your SD-Card
    --> Have do be done manually via PC or any other tools. The folder "COLReminder" have to be transfered from phone 1 to phone 2 if you change the phone.
    --> Without phone change nothing has do be done because the folder "COLReminder" already exists.

    2) Download DropBox
    --> If you have made a "Upload DropBox" before (see Backup Option 3 above), you can now select "Download DropBox" in the backup menu to download your backup and all images of your reminders to your SD-Card.

    Note: After downloading from DropBox you have to select "Restore Backup" in the menu ("Backup", "Restore Backup")!


    Does this help?
    If no, what problem do you get? Any error message?
    And I think it is better we talk via the ticket instead of the FAQ system :-)
    So please send an mail to and I can help you.



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